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14 thoughts on “Do You Have the Scoop on Cedar Park Restaurants?”

  1. Thanks, SC. This is why I’m asking for comments! I’ll add you to the list. Are you the Red Brick Pizza on North Bell?

  2. Sit-down restaurants:
    Red Onion Market
    Z’Tejas at Avery Ranch opened Nov. 12th
    Willy O’s Burgers at 1890 Ranch
    Tokai Restaurant, Japanese Hibachi and Sushi, 601 E. Whitestone Blvd. Ste.
    Garlick Joes Italian Restaurant opened Oct. 1 at 200 Buttercup Creek
    Rosie’s Pho 1890 Ranch
    Village Inn on 1431
    Guadalahara Mexican Restaurant 1525 Cypress Creek Road
    La Feria Restaurant‎ 315 N Bell Blvd
    Panda Express on 1431 near Walton Way
    Wok Express – 200 Buttercup Creek
    Hot Wok – 1420 Cypress Creek Rd.
    Springhill Restaurant – 200 Buttercup Creek

    Which ‘Wich at 1890 Ranch
    Firehouse Subs – 1890 Ranch (is supposed to be open now)
    Firehouse Subs – 1540 Cypress Creek
    Carl’s Jr. Burgers – 1890 Ranch open soon
    Spicy Pickle – 1890 Ranch

    Notable Fast Food Restaurants:
    Wing Stop 401 W, Whitestone Blvd, Next to Panda Express
    Chik-Fil-A at 1890 Ranch
    Weinerschnitzel – 508 N. Bell Blvd.

    Tropical Smoothie

    Dominoes – 306 S. Bell
    Papa Murphy’s Take & Bake – 180 E. Whitestone
    Austin’s Pizza – Parmer & 1431
    Saccone’s Pizza (near Blockhouse on 183)
    Mr. Gattis – 717 N. Bell
    Little Caesar’s – 202 Walton Way
    Pizza Hut – 1525 Cypress Creek and 183 & 1431 next to McDonald’s
    Papa John’s – 319 N. Bell Blvd.

    Don’t know if Schlotzski’s is still open – 110 E. Whitestone

    Then there are the old stand-by fast food restaurants:
    McDonald’s – 183 & 1431
    Taco Bell – 183 & 1431
    Kentucky Fried Chicken – 183 & 1431
    Sonic – 3220 Whitestone Blvd.
    Subway – 1525 Cypress Creek and 251 N. Bell
    Long John Silver’s – 1109 N. Bell
    Jack In The Box – 325 N. Bell
    Whataburger – 1431 & Parmer and 500 N. Bell
    Wendy’s – 183 & 1431 and 1431 & Parmer
    Quiznos – 202 Walton Way
    Popeye’s Chicken – 251 N. Bell
    Burger King – 713 N. Bell
    Taco Cabana – 100 Walton Way

  3. Carl’s Jr. Burgers is now open at 1890 Ranch. Village Inn has closed. Tropical Smoothie listed above is at 1890 Ranch and they have a great menu – not just smoothies. Also, next door to Tropical Smoothies is Freddie’s Frozen Custard which also has a misleading name. In addition to frozen custard hey serve burgers, hot dogs, etc.

  4. Hi Christi, Good question. I haven’t been recently… will have to check it out!

    I think Traxx has also been replaced by the new 1431 Cafe.

  5. 1431 Cafe doesn’t care about customers!
    I was a loyal fan in the beginning. I liked the breakfast and Chick. fried steak. The first few times were good experiences. I was going with my family or coworkers at least twice a week. I work at the hospital down the street and was passing out menus to increase their business.
    This past month has been TERRIBLE. The food has been bad, really poor service.. The last time was the last STRAW. My co-workers and I met for lunch, we asked for our Tea in a to-go cup INSTEAD of a glass, so we could take it with us back to work. When we went to pay we noticed we were each charged 1.59 for a tea AND 1.99 for a to-go tea. $4 for a cup of tea???!!
    We questioned the server first who apologetically admitted that she got in trouble for undercharging before.
    We then asked for the manager (Who looked about 19) whose only response was “I don’t set the prices”
    We then asked for the owner, A snobby older woman who simply stated that “We don’t sell Tea all you can drink here and all you can drink to go”.
    It was ONE cup, which she topped off once(maybe a fourth), we saved them a dish to clean!
    Too bad this place doesn’t care about keeping loyal customers, I was spreading the word at the hospital about them but NO MORE!!!!! I suppose the IHOP across the street will get my business instead.

  6. Kung Fu Buffet in the railyard is now open and China Cafe next to the 1890 Ranch theaters has been open for 2 years, suprised it snot on the list by now!

  7. Panda Express on Whitestone as well has been open for a long while..whomever runs this site must not get out very often, theres tons of restaurants not listed!

  8. Thanks, Joel! We were in need of an update, so I just added those you mentioned and started posting a few others! Should have some time over the next few days to keep adding more. Feel free to post again for any I miss!

  9. Hi, Tried out the new cajun/creole food restaurant out on the north shore of lake travis…all made from scratch all delicious…look left at the blinking light in Jonestown.

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