Our Cedar Park Regional Medical Center Visit

Cedar Park hospital emergency room Cedar Park Regional Medical CenterI’ve talked with a few people recently who weren’t aware that we have a new hospital with emergency room right here in Cedar Park. And thank goodness we do.

After visiting Cedar Park Regional Medical Center’s ER with a family member recently (tooth in hand, wrapped in ice and a plastic bag, thanks to some quick-thinking skate park employees), I was pretty impressed with their team and facility. They were quick and courteous, and they patched up my banged-up-and-not-too-happy visiting nephew, and referred him out to an after-hours pediatric dentist for follow up. I felt pretty lucky to have somewhere so close by that could help.

CPRMC is located off C-Bar Ranch Trail, behind the 1890 Ranch shopping center, just northeast of the intersection of 183A and FM 1431.

Here’s hoping you won’t have to make a trip anytime soon, but if you do need some quick attention that doesn’t quite warrant a call to 9-1-1, the friendly folks at CPRMC’s emergency room may be able to help.

Cedar Park Regional Medical Center
1401 Medical Parkway
Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 528-7000

3 thoughts on “Our Cedar Park Regional Medical Center Visit”

  1. I have never been so upset and dissapointed in an ER than now. You do not have doctors that know what they are doing. Instead of taking care of patients and finding out what the problem is, your doctors are looking at and talking to patients about their tattoos! No kind of work up or anything. My daughter was still dizzy and was having trouble walking due to dizziness and was told she did not need a wheelchair that she could use the railing to balance. VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would not recommend this hospital to ANYONE!!! I work in the healthcare industry and will make sure EVERYBODY knows this.

  2. I brought my 17 year old son in to the ER and the care was fabulous. He was admitted to the hospital and the care was just as good on the medical floor as it was in the ER, The nurses and the doctor in the ER were very professional, caring and kept my son very comfortable. The nurses were very good while he was in the hospital. I highly recommend Cedar Park Regional Medical Center to anyone that needs an ER or hospitalization. They rock!

  3. I am a disabled veteran and an ex employee of Cedar Park reional Hospital or Centar I have seen shortness of equipment staff and unprepared for emergencies. Then to my dismay to terminate somebody because of being a disabled veteran, where is the support to our troops.

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