Rolling Blackouts Across Texas

ERCOT requires PEC to interrupt service

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is directing Pedernales Electric and its other member transmission and distribution electric utilities to shed electric load to help prevent uncontrolled, widespread blackouts.

PEC will interrupt service to different parts of its territory in 10-minute increments to comply with the ERCOT directive. Because Pedernales Electric cannot guarantee continuous service, those who rely on uninterrupted power should make preparations.

PEC also asks its members to take steps to prepare for safe restoration of their electric service. All electrical appliances that were on when service was disrupted should be turned off, as well as the circuit breakers to major appliances. Once power is restored, members can help avoid overloading by turning these appliances back on in 15-minute intervals.

Members who call PEC toll-free at 1-888-883-3379 be connected with Pedernales Electric’s automated high volume call answering system, which is activated during major interruptions.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, based in Johnson City, Texas, is the largest distribution electric cooperative in the country, serving more than 236,000 meters in an 8,100-square-mile service area.

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