Share Your Ideas for a Photo Shoot Spot

Alright, Cedar Park residents and friends, we’re looking for your ideas. My photographer friend, Scott Stater, loves to shoot at interesting outdoor locations around Central Austin, and he’d like to schedule a few shoots for clients up here.

So we’d like to know: what are your favorite scenic, colorful, or otherwise interesting spots in Cedar Park and surrounding areas? They don’t have to be in the city limits; Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander, or greater Williamson County are fine. Let’s just say they should be north of RR 620 and easy enough for Cedar Park residents to get to within a few minutes’ drive. Also, they should be fairly casual and not require booking an entire event (such as a wedding or catered party) to get access to the location.

Is there a majestic oak you love at a nearby park, a romantic spot you found for a picnic, a B&B you stayed at with beautiful views? You get the idea.

Share your suggestions in the comments. Feel free to suggest your own location if you’re a business owner (i.e. B&B, ranch), as long as you’re willing to allow (or barter or negotiate for) photography on-site. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Share Your Ideas for a Photo Shoot Spot”

  1. My cousin is also a photographer and he was visiting us a few months ago. He took some great pictures just walking the trail that goes from Avery Ranch all the way to the YMCA. The is some cool rail tracks as well as an old covered bridge. What about some cool urban shots at the Domain? Even our very own windmill is fun. The flowers always make for a nice backdrop. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks, Vanessa! The Domain could be cool. Silverado has some great spots at the windmill & the park, and I had forgotten about a few of those along the trail. Great ideas!

  3. I like the pool area behind the Avery Ranch Clubhouse and Grill – especially at sunset. Shhhhh. It’s a secret. :^)

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